What MKA Thinks


Opinions and Comments on Almost Anything

What is a conversation?

Good conversation can add a spark to the day, give spice to life, and leave you with something unexpected to think about as you go through the day’s activities. I have lots of opinions, and know that most of you reading this have at least as many, if not more. And of course we don’t necessarily share the same opinions on any subject. That’s what makes this kind of website/blog interesting and engaging.

A conversation should be like tennis–except that it’s thoughts and ideas and suggestions being bounced back and forth. I will say what I think, and I expect my readers and visitors to tell me what they think, even to tell me off. That’s what will make it fun.

What-mka-thinks is to be a site that’s engaging and fun

I want what-mka-thinks to be a site that people will want to visit, and a blog that is challenging and entertaining. No topic will be off limits, as long as it’s legal and not libelous. Here’s a sampling of the kinds of topics that I will talk about in these pages from time to time:

  • American culture and values
  • Religion and spirituality
  • Aging, youth and generational issues
  • Grammar and proper use of our language
  • Writing and getting a point across
  • Should parents limit youngsters choice of reading
  • Travel, good trips and bad
  • Health, exercise and dealing with illness
  • Sports and sports figures
  • Politics and politicians
  • Everyday living and different lifestyles
  • Relationships of all kinds.
  • And just about anything else!

I’ll back up what I say with appropriate citations

I’ll provide links when I can. One thing I learned in my long career as a writer for a wide variety of business clients is that it pays to watch what you say. Think what you want, but use common sense in expressing it. If it’s opinion, label it so. If it’s a fact, be prepared to show where you got it.

I’ve been writing (and reading) all my life–and it’s still fun today

I began my for-profit, just-the-facts-ma’am writing career with a well-known major insurer, as manager of the communications operation. Then on into consulting for a couple of large firms, helping clients, large and small, communicate benefits to their employees. I wrote and produced the entire range of benefit and financial communications materials—brochures, booklets, plan descriptions, newsletters, video scripts and videos, speeches, and more.  Additionally, over the years, as time was available, I wrote mystery and mainstream novels and short stories.

When I first retired and moved to Asheville, I wrote a local issues column

My column ran in the Asheville Citizen-Times, on the editorial page, every Monday for a couple of years, next to my mug shot. What fun! I could say anything I wanted—as long as it wasn’t libelous—and nobody edited it. Every word was mine except the headline. People wrote me letters, some pleased with what I thought and said, others with varying degrees of disapproval—and not everyone was polite.

And now, in my not-yet-dotage, I’m using technology to continue doing what I love to do–writing. (Note that the mimeograph, writing with pen and paper, and manual typewriters with lots of correction fluid nearby were the height of technology as I began my writing life.)

I’ve created this website and a book review website where I am The Mystery Lady

You can find the mystery lady at http//www.mkamysterylady.com. Do check it out. If you like to read, stop in and see what the mystery lady thinks about books of all mystery genre and some non-mystery that I have especially enjoyed. You’ll find reviews of current best-sellers and others that have been around the literary and mystery world for a while (maybe even since my childhood). 

Come back to what-mka-thinks.com frequently for new opinions, comments, thoughts, ideas, suggestions about almost anything. (I thought of calling the site mka’s-free-for-all, but decided against it.) My goal here is to have fun, share what-mka-thinks, and listen to what readers say in response. Since no subject is off limits, some of these columns will border on the serious, others the crazy and everything in between.

And don’t forget to look for me at mkamysterylady.com

I’d love to know what you think about my reviews and my own writings, so leave me comments when you stop by.